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Become an NCA Studio Artist

Eligibility: If you live in Nevada County and are an adult with a developmental disability funded through Alta California Regional Center, you may apply to be a studio artist at Neighborhood Center of the Arts. Artists joining our studio come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of experience and ability.

Entrance Criteria/Intake Process: Visit us first, check us out. Or call your Alta worker to set up a tour. If you feel like NCA is a good fit fill out an intake packet (currently IPP, evaluations, annual review and previous home and program information). Then make an appointment so we can meet with you and your parent/care provider or support team.

The NCA Art Program is a 1:7 ratio, one instructor to seven artists. This program is designed for artists who can work independently and are self driven.

The NCA Miguel Quesada Program is a 1:4 ratio, one instructor to four artists. This program is designed for clients who need more assistance with direction and/or behavior management as well as classes that require more assistance and safety instruction.

Self Care: Artists that require minimal to no assistance caring for their hygienic needs are welcome to attend. NCA cannot accommodate those who require a Hoyer lift and/or changing table at this time. Anyone that requires partial assistance with his/her hygienic needs–including toileting and/or changing of adult undergarments–is welcome to apply to the program. The intake application as well as the referral packet from Alta California Regional Center will then be reviewed by NCA’s intake team and evaluated for our program.

Behavioral Characteristics:Although NCA is not a Behavioral Management program, the program model and philosophy are designed to offer the potential for success to all . If someone with a history of and/or the potential to act out during program wants to attend NCA, they will be given the opportunity to do so based on our ability to provide the necessary supports to minimize the likelihood that they will act out towards self or others. Their intake application as well as their referral packet from Alta California Regional Center will be reviewed by NCA’s intake team and evaluated for our program.

Full Time vs Part Time:  NCA’s program model is designed for full time enrollment However, consumers who would like to attend NCA on a part time basis are welcome to do so.