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Neighborhood Center of the Arts

200 Litton Dr. #212

Grass Valley CA 95945

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Monday-Friday 9-4


Neighborhood Center of the Arts

Art ・ Advocacy ・ Opportunity

At Neighborhood Center of the Arts we make art, great art that's easy on your wallet. But more than that, we change lives

Everyone needs a job, a place to find purpose and meaning in their life. For many Developmentally Disabled or Intellectually Challenged adults living in Nevada County, CA, that place is the Neighborhood Center of the Arts. Located in Grass Valley, we provide studio space and art materials as well as two in-house art galleries for exhibition opportunities. On any given weekday as many as 60 artists come to our studios to make art, learn living skills, work in the garden and hang out with their friends. Their disabilities include, but are not limited to, Down Syndrome, Autism, Spina Bifida, Traumatic Brain Injury, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar Disorder. We provide studios, materials and instruction in fiber arts, visual arts, clay, woodworking, jewelry, computers and performing arts as well as cooking, gardening and community outings. Our artists weave, paint, sculpt, build furniture, cook meals, sing, dance and volunteer at the library. At NCA we take out the ‘dis’ out of ‘disability’ and focus on what people can do. We focus on their abilities.

We’re proud of the work our artists create. We have three scheduled shows in our in-house galleries every year. Sometimes more. And just to make things exciting we have featured artist pop-ups from time to time. Nearly every month we’re exhibiting our work in the local community. And sometimes not so local, like New York. San Francisco. Seattle. We get around. Or at least our art does. Not all NCA artists sell their work but those who do receive 50% from the sale. The remaining 50% helps us to continue doing the work that we do.

Coming Soon: Starting late Spring of 2017, NCA will be offering photography, photojournalism, an Etsy store, an artists’ blog and community based sketching. And our Garden Biz group has been perfecting their recipe for hand crafted soap, available to the public soon! We’re very excited about these upcoming changes.

If you would like to help us purchase photography equipment please click here.

Being Different is Life, drawing by NCA Artist Dan Wheeler

Now available!

Being Different is Life, drawing created by NCA artist Dan Wheeler, is now available in an assortment of Tees, hoodies and sweatshirts in colors just right for spring. Call the office for prices and purchase information.

And oh, the lovely model is our Studio Coordinator, Sonya. She is not available!

Fundraiser at Ol’ Republic Brewery

10% of all beer sales donated to NCA

Friday, June 23, 12-9 PM


works by robert lee

BriarPatch Cause of the Month

This month through July 4 NCA is BriarPatch Food Co-op CAUSE of the Month. Round up to the nearest dollar when shopping at ‘the Patch’. It’s a painless way to donate and it all adds up.

Save the Date!

Upcoming Shows & Events

June 1: South Pine Cafe, Grass Valley

June 23: Ol’ Republic Brewery Fundraiser for NCA. Ole Republic will donate will donate 10% of the day’s sales to NCA. Ol’ Republic Brewery, 124 Argall Way, Nevada City. Open noon-9 PM.


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Be the Change

At NCA we’re all about changing people’s lives. You can help. Here’s how:

You know that loose change lying around the house, the stuff in the bottom of your purse or weighing down your pockets at the end of the day? Well, toss it in a jar, your own or a super fine and dandy extra special jar decorated by the artists at NCA. When the jar is full bring it to our office. No need to count, we’ll do that. We’ll also thank you profusely and let you pick a prize from a special treasure box of NCA art.